This week so far has been a traumatic one for many of my colleagues on the railway. I do not differentiate between companies like a lot of my colleagues do, as far as I am concerned we are a railway family regardless of the colour of our uniform or train.

On the 24th April 2012 there were 5 fatalities in one day on the UK railway network, that is five drivers & guards whose lives have been changed forever by the actions of one person. Not to mention the Network Rail staff & Brtish Transport Police Officers that had to clean up the mess after the incident & the 1000’s of passengers who had their journey times severely extended or even cancelled.

So with this in mind I was shocked when a colleague of mine forwarded a document he received from the British Transport Police under the freedom of information act to find out that between the 1st January & the 2nd April 2012 there have been 147 incidents of persons being hit by or falling under trains on the UK rail network. Unfortunately this figure does not specify if the person survived or if the action was intentional or an accidental.

This is an appalling figure as that is 147 drivers that have to live with the knowledge that they have either maimed or killed a person whilst going about their job. It is also worth bearing in mind as well that there will also be a number of guards and members of the public who also will have been affected by the incident as well.

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